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Dance of a Blooming Flower

“When listening to the music piece “Polite” composed by Peter Sabroe, a blooming Flower was dancing around in my head. I envisioned a flower opening its crown leaves in front of the sun and a feeling of happiness reached my mind. It was the same feeling I get every year in spring when the strong sunlight appears again after months of darkness. At this time a year when the sun finally returns, I point my head towards the sun and with closed eyes sense the warmth and light reaching my forehead and eyeballs behind my eyelids. Inside of my mind I see the sunlight dancing like a blooming flower nourishing me with an energy I longed for the whole winter.

When living in Denmark where winters are long and dark, you learn to appreciate these kinds of moments. This year the winter has felt extra dark and long with a global pandemic setting a new agenda for our social behavior and making us face death and disease on a scale we are not used to. In this context the longing for spring becomes a longing for going back to the world we used to know before the pandemic. However, this year spring will bloom again like it always has.”

To create the project ”Dance of a Blooming Flower” director and photographer Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen collaborated with floral artist Thilde Maria Haukohl Kristensen, founder of Poppykalas Floral Design Studio. Both artists express themselves with vibrant colors and by manipulating elements of the natural world to add a surreal sense to their work: Thilde Maria Haukohl Kristensen manipulates the natural appearance of flowers by combining them in new sculptural and sensuous ways in her floral artworks and Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen creates visual illusions in her work with the use of mirrors to make the viewer experience a different version of reality.

The project was published May 2021 on as an online editorial. 

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