Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen (1994) is interested in the intersection between painting and photography and works with reflections and collage to create surreal effects in her photographs: "The photograph is a medium that is regularly used to portray reality. When seeing a photograph we therefore oftentimes presume it to be trustworthy and real. In my works I aim to play with this sense of reality that we relate to the photograph by distorting the objects and space within the picture frame. With these effects I aim to surprise and confuse and leave one with the question of what is real." Conceptually her works often deal with identity and the subconscious self affected by and interrelated to the surrounding world.


2021 - Oslo Negativ Fotofestival, Oslo, Norway

2021 - Der Greif "Blame the Algorithm", C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2021 - "Feminine Development" Solo exhibition, Gallery Vasli Souza, Oslo, Norway

2020 - "The Big Annual Winter Show", Gallery Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark

2020 - "Nedsmeltning" by Alta Platform, Copenhagen, Denmark

2020 - ”Riflessi-Rifletti” by Mulieris Magazine, Tribeca Factory, Florence, Italy
2020 - Genesis”, Sirin Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 - Der Greif "Blame the Algorithm", Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich, Germany

2019 - Busch Magazine Launch exhibition, Avus Tribüne, Berlin, Germany

2019 - Bodily Extensions, Sirin Gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

2019 - Daylighted X Life Framer digital screen exhibition, selected hotels across the USA

2019 - The Carlsberg Foundation's Portrait Award "Portrait Now", Fredriksborg Castle, Museum of National History, Denmark

2018 - Der Greif, Guest room online exhibition

2018 - 3 days of design, Pop up exhibition in Collaboration with Magnus Olesen A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark 

2017 - World of Harmony, Photo Vogue Festival 2017, Milan, Italy

2017 - Red, Juried group exhibition, The SE Center for Photography, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

2016 - KE16//Artist’s Autumn Exhibition 2016, Juried group exhibition, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 - Green, Juried group exhibition, Darkroom Gallery, Essex, Vermont, USA

2016 - Stories, Juried group exhibition, P21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2016 - Portraiture: Photography Now, Juried group exhibition, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA

2016 - Annual Juried Exhibition of Undergraduate Art, Juried group exhibition, Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia, USA

Grants and prizes

2020 - Nominated for "The Portfolio Prize" by Magasinet Fotografi 

2018 - Winner of Life Framer monthly competition “Open Call”

2018 - Shangyuan Art Museum International Residency Program, Beijing, China

2017 - 100 best photographs of PhotoVogue 2017

2017 - Photo Workshop New York 2017 with Richard Rinaldi

2017 - Abstract Category Nominee in 3rd edition of Fine Art Photography Awards

2017 - Shortlisted by Vogue Italia and Leica Camera Italia as one of 20 artists who best interpret portrait on PhotoVogue

2016 - Honarable Mention, “Fine Art - Conceptual”, IPOTY awards

2016 - Winner of Life Framer monthly competition “Still Life”

2016 - Honorable Mention, “Fine Art - Conceptual”, ND awards

2016 - Honorable Mention, “Fine Art - Abstract”, ND awards

2016 - Honorable Mention, Green, Juried group exhibition, Darkroom Gallery, Essex, Vermont, USA

2016 - Honorable Mention, “Fine Art - Abstract” IPA Photography Competition

2016 - Honorable Mention, “Fine Art - Portrait” IPA Photography Competition

2016 - Theme Shortlisted, Reflections, August 2016, motifcollective.com

2016 - 5000 DKK grant from Parkinsonforeningen to the completion of “Hunting for Dopamin” 

2016 - Juror’s Choice, Annual Juried Exhibition of Undergraduate Art, Juried group exhibition, Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia, USA 

2015 - Georgia Rotary Student Program, full scholarship covering one year of study at Georgia Southern University, USA (2015-2016) sponsored by  Downtown Statesboro Rotary Club and Statesboro Rotary Club