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Bodily Extensions is an artistic collaboration between art photographer Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen and fashion designer Domantas Smaizys which seeks to rethink and cross the boundaries of photography, collage and fashion design through the themes body positivism, gender and identity. Practically, the process was begun by Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen photographing body parts in different positions. Domantas Smaizys then created collages from the photographs and designed wearable fashion pieces from the collages. The Fashion pieces were then photographed by Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen at yet another photo shoot using both mirrors and the fashion pieces to manipulate the bodies of four different models. 

Today's technological and medical advances make it possible to change and design one's body as one wish. Thus, society's understanding of human anatomy, identity and gender must also change. We may ask ourselves; why should we let ourselves be defined by the body in which we are born when we have the opportunity to change and design it the way we want?

Through cosmetic surgery, genetic engineering and other technological advances, almost everything is possible, but at the same time we move further from the anatomy of reality and it becomes increasingly difficult to define what a "natural" person is and looks like.

By manipulating bodies with mirrors and fabrics, the project aims to illustrate the transition to a surrealist and artistic conception of our possibilities for designing our own bodies. It is thus a depiction of the human urge to express oneself with the body as well as the personal struggle to overcome anatomical challenges.

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