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Between Time and Space
“Between time and Space” was inspired by a story told by my loving grandfather. He used to sit down with me as a child and tell me stories about our family ancestors and teach me about scientific theories. He knows exactly how to dose the information, so that it becomes interesting for a child. 
One time he taught me that time is relative depending on your position in the universe and how everything in the universe has its own time and rhythm. The moment between past and present is for us milliseconds, while for distant places hours, months, or years. Einstein suggested that both mass and relative speed make time shrink and that space and time can bend. Aristoteles thought of time as being a measure of change: without change, no time. 
Learning about this made me think that the theories of physics could act like a parallel description of our own life path: Changes in our lives is what determines our growth and what makes us able to look back on our lives divided by different events and episodes. Also, what appears to be a long time span in my life can seem like a millisecond of someone else’s life. Time is relative, also between individuals. We cannot compare the timing of events in our own lives with what happens in someone else’s life. 
Our only option is to follow our own life path and see what life brings. The myth of King Polycrates is a great depiction of this. He tried to escape his own fate by throwing his beloved ring into the sea, but the ring later returned when a fisherman caught a beautiful fish and brought it to the king. Inside of the beautiful fish was the ring of Polycrates. 
Sometimes, when I try too hard to control what will happen in the future, I become stressed and anxious. I guess this is when I must lean back and trust the universe. It may already have a plan for me. I hope that I can one day look back on my life and see that everything played out the way it was meant to. 

The project was exhibited at Arden Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen in 2022 and published on in 2023

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